Written by Chioma Kalu

My country people I say make we reason this mata small oh,

Yesterday wen I dey come back from work, nah so I say make I just enter Keke as I don tire finish.

Fiam nah so this man wey sit close to me just dey do anyhow,I come dey wonder abi shey this Oga wan collect ni?

E get some kain things wey people no suppose dey do for public where people dey. Some kain attitude wey dey tire person ehnnn, shay una see ehn ,make I tell una, nah all this small small things wey we think say no matter, nah hin matter pass oh my country people.

Okay make I shaa tell una some of the things wey me I don carry my two naked eyes see…

To Dey Clean Your Nose with your hand:

hey! Aunty ! How you go dey clean your nose with your hand nah Haba? E dey turn belly..
If you water dey comot from your nose,try dey hold small handkerchief for hand, once the thing wan come out, fiam you just clean am sharp sharp,you get??

No go dey blow nose anyhow.

Another thing be say no dey use toothpick anyhow:

My brother and sister, I know say you chop pepper soup,no be to dey show everybody say u chop meat..but wait self, shebi we know say that thing we dey call ‘toothpick’ e dey spoil our teeth, e fit spoil teeth oh. So as e be like this eh,if you eat finish, no come dey use toothpick dey bring out the one wey you no bring out since last week o before you waste the money wey you manage save for hospital..

To add join na d way some people dey mess:
How you go dey mess for public?? We know say na something wey we know fit control but make we dey take our time .e get y.

For where people dey, Aunty if you chop beans and egg eh, try dey use toilet no come dey pollute the air nah.
E no good say as you enter everybody come dey close their nose, youself try check am na abi e good for your eyes.

Parrot abi Radio without battery:
No dey talk too much for public, abi you want collect work from MC? Uncle you see that fly weh pass eh, you sef fit do as if you no see am. Mind how you go dey talk for public cos you sef no know who dey observe you, you get the point now??

Odogwu for doings:

No dey display ATM for public: Haba nah I know say your money choke. But eh, based on the condition weh Naija dey eh, if you do anyhow you go see anyhow. Watin I dey talk be say,another person no suppose no about am, cos if bad people see am dem go help you comot all your apalapa for bank o..Be wise

To dey Bite your Nails for Public:

Big oga and madam like you go dey bite nails for public anyhow. Hmmmm, how we go take settle this matter cos you dey find person wey go help you scratch your back. Why nah??

So my people I go post the remaining one later shaa. For now make una comment other things wey people don do you or the one wey person do and you see am wey make you vex well well eh. Make we discuss am.

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