Written by Chioma Kalu

Marriage is meant to be enjoyed, you are meant to be happy not the other way round. Personally I will always say this, if it affects your peace of mind, let go! Some would say, “ for better for worse” oh yes! Brother and sister it’s true till you wake up and discover you aren’t living any more. Ending your marriage or getting a divorce from a toxic marriage is not a crime like most people see it. Stop thinking about what people will say because it doesn’t matter, understand this; what people will say is not important than your peace of mind. Most of us are been abused sexually, physically and so on yet we choose to keep quite and die in silence, please when love is no longer served, learn to leave. Stop been scared of what you’ll face when you leave. It’s about you (and your children) not anyone else

Most people  end up been frustrated after leaving their marriage, I’ll like you to take a look at these poi t before taking any step further:

  1. Be ready: sometimes we can take decisions and end up changing our mind due to one reason or the other. On this case it could be because you so much love your partner maybe once they apologize of course you forgive. I’ve heard a story of a lady who was always beaten by her husband but she Would always forgive but on that faithful day she was heavily pregnant, about 8 months her husband started beating her till she almost lost her life but thank God she was rescued. Please don’t wait till it gets to that point. Always tell yourself that this is what you need for your sanity to be in place and I’m sure you love yourself right?
  2. Proper Planning: before you think of leaving your marriage. First ask yourself, what plans do I have once I’m out of this place? Can I be able to deal with it? Is this what I really want for myself? What means of survival do I have or how much do I have to start up something? There are so many questions you need to ask yourself before you move out if not you might end up getting frustrated than you were. So take your time and think about what you want to do carefully.
  3. Confide in someone: I know we have this belief that your marriage issues shouldn’t be discussed between a third party but at this point you need to let someone know what you have been going through and the decision you came with. It could a friend or family members but preferably I’d say family members. They need to know so that it won’t just look like you walked out of the relationship without anyone’s notice. Always inform someone about what you are going through.
  4. Get Busy: Once you choose this path please you have to always be occupied, don’t give room for thinking because the moment you start thinking of it, it will always disorganize you as sometimes even make you feel like you took the wrong decision and I suggest if you have to see a therapist,  please do so.

Always remember this your peace of mind shouldn’t be tampered with, you are a Queen/ King you deserve everything good I mean the very best.

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Chioma Kalu

My name is Olugu Chioma Kalu. I was born in Aba, Abia State Nigeria. I am currently a student of Abia State University Uturu (ABSU) studying English Language and literature. I am an effective communicator and a good writer. I assure you that I understand you and will be able to connect with you.

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