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I know It’s surprising how you care about your partner but suddenly you start discovering some changes in his attitude, probably because you feel that he/she is fed up, the vibe is not there any more and all that. Let’s take a moment to think about this; it might not be about your partner, it could be you.
If you ever notice that he/she is losing feelings for you, these could be the reason:

Faking your identity: A popular Nigerian celebrity once posted on his Instagram timeline that he wouldn’t have feelings for any lady she sees on a picture. You know lots of people tend to live a fake life, when you see them in real life they look different from the person you see on social media, this could ruin your relationship with your partner. Just be real, be you and don’t try to be who you are not. If you are what he wants he’ll come for you.

Being Disrespectful: men love being praised and adored by their partner. One of ways you can prove you love your partner is by respecting him/her. So if you don’t recognise or value your partner, he/she is going to end up losing feelings for you.

Bad personal hygiene: if there’s anything a anyone would detest is poor personal hygiene. You must take care of yourself as a lady/guy. Use your body roll on, spray or perfume. Look smart, make your hair. Some may say they aren’t financially capable that’s why they look the way they do. Money or not, with a person with poor hygiene it doesn’t make any difference.

Too many male friends: Having too many male friends might make your partner lose interest in you. It bridges trust in a relationship, how would you feel if he also has many female friends? You see it can’t work that way. Your affection should only be for him not to many of your friends.

Slow replies: communication is very vital in any relationship. When your partner needs your attention, always endeavor to reply to his/her messages once you see them. Don’t make your partner feel like he/she bugging you or some sort. Or maybe you are probably too busy, you know we would always make out time for the things we want. But on the contrary, I think it is sometimes not a deliberate thing, both parties should let each other know what they are doing. If your work doesn’t suit your availability all the time Dont hesitate to let your partner know. So while late replies is a poison, prior information may help build trust between both parties

Always taking about yourself: I’ve heard the story of a guy that went on a date with a lady, for the first 15minutes of their date, the lady kept on taking about her bad experience on her way coming, about how their family isn’t capable financially, how she is the bread winner of the family, with all those stories from the lady, he automatically lost interest in the lady. Whenever you are talking you are expected talk carefully and cautiously. It doesn’t make sense to talk about your ex in his or her presence, it can kill your relationship. Instead of complaining, It’s better you just tell him what you except of him. Some words should be left unsaid even if the reason for you to say it arises. Learn how to control the way you talk especially if it’s your first date.

Like I said earlier, sometimes it could be you and not him. You just have to make some adjustment if you dont want him to leave you, or if you are scared your relationship is going to crash. There are lots of things ladies do to make a guy loose feelings, and I would like to know what you think.
Kindly drop your comments.

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