As a secondary school girl, I was very stubborn. One day I started again with my mum over an issue of no relevance I packed my cloth in my one-handed school bag which was not even big enough. So after packing I was crying and shouting, so I told my mum I was going to live somewhere else cos I’m tired of the way she treats me. So when I got to our gate, I found out that I didn’t know where I was going to, no friend or anyone. Finally, I just went back inside and decided to let go over an issue that I was even at fault. “I can do this mum/dad”, “ I think I’m of age” these are statement made by most of the young youth to their parents or guardian. Most youth think or feel they have grown into maturity or they can take care of themselves. There are signs to prove that one is matured or not whichare as follows,
if you are not able to control your social media like it’s a sign that you aren’t matured. You should be conscious of the time you spend pressing your phone. As one rightly said, there is a different world apart from that of social media. Don’t dwell in one. Curtail your time and know how to spend it.
Paying bills: if you think you are mature, you should be able to pay your bills. First, every mature person should have a source of income, where he/she can confidently spend from.
Not able to keep long term relationships: you should be able to keep long term relationships. Build your relationship with people and try to save yourself from any toxic relationship. So when we say long term relationship that doesn’t include a toxic relationship.
Falling in and out of love: you know as a young teenager/youth, we fail to distinguish when we are falling in love to crushing, admiring or even lusting. So when that phase comes we say we are in love and when it passes, probably whatever yu once felt have been diverted to another person. Build yourself( your heart conclusively) to know when you love.
Having no choice on what you want or what to do:
Have a source of income

Rally Trade

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My name is Olugu Chioma Kalu. I was born in Aba, Abia State Nigeria. I am currently a student of Abia State University Uturu (ABSU) studying English Language and literature. I am an effective communicator and a good writer. I assure you that I understand you and will be able to connect with you.


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