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Eating late night food isn’t new to us, yeah sometimes you just wanna eat that snack to keep yourself awake… I’m a victim of this too while sometimes it’s like that yummy delicious meal will breeze away if it sees the day light, there are different reasons why people eat at night but let’s not go further into talking about that. Irrespective of all the reasons one may have, eating at night is not an option ,it is not advisable. Most of us try as much as we can to maintain our daily diet but tend to ruin our effort at night, that food you take at night is capable of wasting your diet for the day. I’d like to tell us a few reasons why you would run away from night food.

  1. Leads to weight gain: eating late at night increases your chances of gaining more weight, a lot of people will always say I naturally have a slim body, I’m not going to add all all sort of statement but here’s the truth; studies have shown that people who eat closer to their bed time tend to consume more calories than those who eat earlier, now too much calories causes weight gain. Another thing is this, despite the fact that you are late you will still end up feeling so hungry like never before though body system differs.


  1. Weakens your body system: eating so late at night makes you feel so tired. Have you ever tried eating ebain the midnight? Tell me, how did you feel in the morning? That feeling is a bad one. Sometimes you can’t even wake up early so that is one of the consequences of eating late.


  1. Loss of memory: studies also have it that late night eating can lead to impaired memory.


  1. Improper sleep: you find out that you can’t even get a good sleep in most cases. Think of having a stressed day at work and you still can’t sleep at night, how  annoying! Just think of the trauma it can cause you already.

Just try skipping your usual late meals for maybe a week or two then you’ll thank me later.

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