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I really need that money for my business  but he won’t give it to me till request for it, Christmas is by the corner and he won’t give me this money till I ask, don’t worry this post is specifically made to guide you on how you should ask for financial help from your spouse. Some ladies are just too scared to demand money from their spouse, they may act matured and calm but deep down they need the money . Sometimes you don’t want it to look as if you are been selfish or self centered but before we proceed I would like to tell you this; always know the level of his finance before you start demanding for money  also let it not skip your mind that your problem isn’t the only problem that he is facing, he probably has work and family challenges to face too, also you shouldn’t put all of your problems on one man as a young lady or woman you should be hardworking and be able to stand up for yourself with or without the help of your spouse it makes you out standing.

Remember if you spend carelessly this would be difficult for you, always remember to ask your spouse if there’s anywhere you need to make adjustments on your spending, this will help him trust you with his money. Even if it’s for your personal use or business. As we proceed I’m going to let us know how to ask for financial help from your spouse

  1. Manner Of Approach

Any impression you make matters because you might not have the chance of replacing them, if you are certain about what you are going to talk about, don’t you don’t have to speak. Don’t forget that you are requesting for something not what belongs to you. So please when making such request always do that with all humility. Don’t demand with arrogance. Please do not make the mistake of comparing yourself with other ladies/women while requesting for your needs. It might end up doing you more harm than good.

  1. How important is your need?

What you want how important is it to you?  You have to make him understand how important what you are requesting for is, the damages or losses it might cause you if you don’t meet up. When he understands the value of what you are requesting for, it will help convince him to do it for you.

  1. Right mood/time

Always know when to talk about it, for instance you don’t start raising issues for discussion when he is eating, that’s not a good idea. When he is not happy it’s not also a good idea to start up a discussion. If you don’t consider his present state before making demands, you can be considered to be selfish.

  1. Possess the attitude of gratitude:

Learn how to appreciate people who are always there for you. The best way to bring out the best in someone is by appreciating them, always be thankful that you have them in your life.

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