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It’s okay to always want to know how to keep him maybe because you really love him and you want this to be your last relationship. Okay!  This article is specially for YOU. Sometimes our attitude differs towards each other and more especially when it comes to the one you love so much, he’s the man of your dream, you can surely do anything to keep him right? Let’s move!

Before we proceed I’ll like you to read the topic again, it’s not about keeping a man but the man YOU LOVE, love is about actions which involve what you do and how you treat them. We often make the mistake of treating people differently, when looking for the love of your life or if you have found one, you should always possess the same Attitude towards everyone because you might find someone who will treat you the way you want rather than trying to please or make someone to love you. Always treat everyone just the way you would want to be treated. Let’s proceed to the ways which will help you keep a man you love:

  1. Know what you want: Our choices differs as ladies, know the kind of man you need in your life.  You might want a sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic.It all depends on your temperament to know who you are compatible with, talking about this will be broad but you have to know that it is very vital for you to know who would be a perfect match for you. So know the qualities you want in a man so that you won’t make a mistake choosing a life partner.
  2. Have value for yourself: that you have found the kind of man you want doesn’t mean you should throw yourself to him, don’t forget easily that the same man needs a woman who he will build his future with and you have to prove that to him in other to get his heart. Also note: he who finds a wife, finds a good thing not a complainer, someone who is too demanding, a prayer-less fellow etc. There are things that should not trigger you, don’t forget that you are a Queen and you deserve to be treated like one. You are in a relationship not employed!
  1. Be honest, trustworthy and respectful: this also involves been a shoulder to lean on, honesty is a virtue which you must have, you must always make sure he feels comfortable around you. That’s the only when you’ll know when he’s troubled or worried. If he does not trust you he can’t open up to you. The little moment you have always love, cherish and respect him. Let him know how valuable he is to you. Be mindful of the utterances you make.
  2. Be Appreciative : love is an action word even the Bible says, “for God so love the world that He GAVE… always appreciate him with gifts it mustn’t necessarily be costly or on his birthday. Buy him gifts often, it makes him feel that you always have him in mind.

I wanted to drop this too: know when the vibe is there naturally, know if you have some kind of connections, before you proceed to thinking of how to keep him.

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